Turntable Skips When Walking

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Turntable Skips When Walking: Causes, Solutions, and FAQs


Turntables are a great addition to any audio setup, providing a unique and immersive listening experience. However, one common issue that many turntable owners face is the skipping of the needle when walking around the room. This can be frustrating and may affect the overall enjoyment of your vinyl collection. In this article, we will explore the causes behind turntable skips when walking and provide solutions to help you resolve this problem.


1. Vibrations: Walking around the room can create vibrations that travel through the floor and impact the turntable. These vibrations can cause the needle to jump, resulting in skips.

2. Uneven surfaces: If your turntable is placed on an uneven surface, it can lead to instability. When walking around, the uneven surface may further enhance this instability, causing the needle to skip.

3. Picking up vibrations: Some turntables are more sensitive to vibrations than others. If your turntable is particularly sensitive, it may pick up even slight vibrations caused by walking.


1. Placement: Ensure that your turntable is placed on a stable and level surface. Avoid placing it close to speakers or other devices that may produce vibrations.

2. Isolation: To minimize vibrations, consider using isolation pads or a turntable mat. These can help absorb vibrations and reduce the chances of skipping.

3. Anti-skate adjustment: Adjust the anti-skate settings on your turntable. This feature helps to balance the forces acting on the stylus and can help prevent skipping.

4. Tracking force adjustment: Check your turntable’s tracking force and ensure it is set correctly. Too much or too little force can cause skipping issues.

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5. Proper calibration: Make sure your turntable is properly calibrated. Incorrect calibration can lead to tracking problems and skipping.

6. Check the surface: Ensure the surface on which your turntable is placed is level and stable. Consider using a spirit level to confirm its stability.

7. Isolation feet: Upgrading to isolation feet can help reduce the transmission of vibrations to the turntable, minimizing skipping issues.

8. Anti-vibration measures: Place your turntable on a dedicated stand or shelf that is designed to absorb vibrations. This can help isolate it from external disturbances.

9. Record quality: Sometimes, the issue may lie with the record itself. Scratches, warps, or poor pressing quality can cause skipping. Ensure your records are clean and in good condition.

10. Walking technique: If you tend to stomp or walk heavily, it may be worth adjusting your walking technique to minimize vibrations in the room.

11. Consider a turntable with a suspension system: Turntables with built-in suspension systems are designed to minimize vibrations and provide better stability, reducing the chances of skipping.

12. Professional help: If you have tried all the above solutions and are still experiencing skipping issues, it might be worth seeking professional help from a turntable technician. They can assess your setup and provide further guidance.


1. Can skipping damage my records?
Skipping can potentially cause damage to your records, as the needle may skip over grooves and create scratches. It is important to address the issue to protect your vinyl collection.

2. Why does my turntable only skip when I walk?
Walking creates vibrations in the room, which can be picked up by the turntable. These vibrations can cause the needle to jump, resulting in skips.

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3. Can a heavy turntable reduce skipping issues?
A heavier turntable can provide better stability and reduce skipping issues caused by vibrations. However, it is not the only factor to consider, as other adjustments and improvements may also be necessary.

4. Is skipping a sign of a faulty turntable?
Skipping can occur due to various factors, including setup issues, record condition, or even walking technique. However, if you have ruled out these possibilities, it might indicate a faulty turntable that requires professional attention.

5. Why does my turntable skip even when I am not walking?
Turntables can skip for various reasons, such as incorrect tracking force, improper calibration, or damaged records. It is essential to troubleshoot these factors to resolve skipping issues.

6. How often should I clean my records to prevent skipping?
Regularly cleaning your records using a record brush or a specialized cleaning solution can help prevent skipping. The frequency of cleaning depends on how frequently you play your records and the environment in which they are stored.

7. Can a turntable mat help with skipping issues?
Yes, a turntable mat can help reduce skipping by absorbing vibrations and providing a more stable surface for the turntable.

8. Can skipping be fixed by adjusting the tonearm weight?
Adjusting the tonearm weight, also known as tracking force, is an essential step in minimizing skipping issues. It ensures that the stylus maintains proper contact with the record.

9. How can I adjust the anti-skate settings on my turntable?
The anti-skate settings are usually adjusted through a dial or a counterweight on the tonearm of the turntable. Refer to your turntable’s user manual for specific instructions on how to adjust this setting.

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10. Will upgrading my cartridge improve skipping issues?
A better quality cartridge can improve tracking and reduce skipping problems. However, it is important to ensure that the cartridge is properly aligned and set up for optimal performance.

11. Can skipping be prevented by using a different needle?
Using a high-quality needle suitable for your turntable can significantly reduce skipping issues. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or seek advice from a turntable technician for the best needle option.

12. Can skipping occur on any type of surface?
Skipping can occur on any surface if the turntable is not properly isolated from vibrations. However, certain surfaces, such as thick carpets or unstable shelves, may exacerbate skipping problems.


Turntable skipping when walking can be a frustrating issue for vinyl enthusiasts. By understanding the causes and implementing the suggested solutions, you can minimize or eliminate this problem. Remember to ensure proper setup, calibration, and maintenance of your turntable, as well as the cleanliness and quality of your records. If issues persist, seeking professional assistance is recommended to ensure optimal performance and enjoyment of your vinyl collection.