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What Happened to Tiz Cycling: A Detailed Analysis


In recent years, Tiz Cycling has gained immense popularity among cycling enthusiasts for providing live-streaming coverage of various cycling events. However, many loyal followers of the platform have noticed a significant decline in its services and have been left wondering, “What happened to Tiz Cycling?” In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the downfall of Tiz Cycling and address the most frequently asked questions surrounding its current status.

1. What is Tiz Cycling?
Tiz Cycling was an online platform that streamed cycling events, allowing fans worldwide to watch races in real-time. It gained a dedicated following due to its accessibility and reliable coverage.

2. Why was Tiz Cycling popular?
Tiz Cycling offered a free streaming service, making it easily accessible to fans who couldn’t access traditional broadcasters. It provided an alternative for viewers seeking uninterrupted coverage and a platform to engage with fellow cycling enthusiasts.

3. When did the decline of Tiz Cycling begin?
The decline of Tiz Cycling began in early 2021 when the website suddenly went offline and stopped providing live-streaming services.

4. Why did Tiz Cycling shut down?
The main reason behind the shutdown of Tiz Cycling was due to legal pressures from cycling federations and copyright holders. The platform was accused of illegally streaming copyrighted content without obtaining the necessary broadcasting rights.

5. Were there any legal actions taken against Tiz Cycling?
Yes, several cycling federations, including the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), took legal action against Tiz Cycling for copyright infringement. The platform faced legal consequences, leading to its shutdown.

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6. Can Tiz Cycling make a comeback?
Considering the legal challenges Tiz Cycling faced, it is unlikely that the platform will make a comeback in its previous form. The legal implications associated with copyright infringement make it challenging for such platforms to sustain themselves.

7. Are there any alternative platforms to Tiz Cycling?
Yes, several legal streaming platforms have emerged as alternatives to Tiz Cycling, offering live coverage of cycling events. These platforms, such as Eurosport, NBC Sports, and FloBikes, require a subscription fee but provide authorized and high-quality coverage.

8. Can I still watch cycling events for free?
While it is challenging to find free and legal streaming options for cycling events, some broadcasters offer limited free access or trial periods. However, it is important to be cautious and ensure that the streaming service is authorized to avoid any legal consequences.

9. Are there any legal streaming platforms specifically for cycling?
Yes, various authorized platforms, including Eurosport, NBC Sports, and FloBikes, specialize in providing live coverage of cycling events. They offer comprehensive coverage, expert analysis, and access to a wide range of races throughout the season.

10. How can I stay updated with cycling events without Tiz Cycling?
To stay updated with cycling events, you can rely on official cycling websites, social media accounts of teams and riders, and authorized broadcasters. They provide schedules, results, and news related to cycling events, ensuring you stay informed.

11. Is it possible to host a legal streaming platform similar to Tiz Cycling?
Creating a legal streaming platform for cycling events would require obtaining the necessary broadcasting rights from cycling federations and copyright holders. This process involves substantial financial investments and legal agreements, making it challenging for individuals to replicate what Tiz Cycling once offered.

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12. What lessons can be learned from the downfall of Tiz Cycling?
The downfall of Tiz Cycling highlights the importance of respecting copyright laws and obtaining proper broadcasting rights. It serves as a reminder that supporting authorized platforms contributes to the sustainability of the sport and ensures fair compensation for the content creators.


The demise of Tiz Cycling was primarily a result of legal actions taken against the platform for copyright infringement. As a consequence, it is unlikely that Tiz Cycling will return in its previous form. However, several authorized streaming platforms now offer live coverage of cycling events, providing an alternative for fans to enjoy the sport legally. It is crucial for cycling enthusiasts to support authorized broadcasters and platforms to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sport and its coverage.