What Is the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions

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The Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is a highly anticipated event that showcases the incredible talent and skills of the United States’ top gymnasts. This touring production, organized by USA Gymnastics and named after its long-time sponsor Kellogg’s, brings together Olympic champions, World champions, and other elite gymnasts to perform captivating routines that leave audiences in awe. With a rich history and a reputation for delivering jaw-dropping performances, the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is a must-see event for gymnastics enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

The tour was first established in 2001 as the John Hancock Tour of Gymnastics Champions and has since evolved into the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions, thanks to its partnership with the well-known cereal brand. The purpose of this nationwide tour is to celebrate the achievements of American gymnasts and to inspire the next generation of gymnasts by showcasing their incredible abilities.

During the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions, spectators can expect to witness a blend of artistic and acrobatic gymnastics routines, each one more impressive than the last. The tour features a variety of disciplines, including floor exercises, balance beam routines, parallel bars, high bar, and vaults. The performances are not limited to individual routines, as the gymnasts also come together to perform synchronized routines, group performances, and even fun exhibitions that showcase their range of skills.

The tour typically includes appearances from some of the biggest stars in American gymnastics. Previous tours have featured legendary gymnasts such as Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, Aly Raisman, and many others. These gymnasts, who have achieved Olympic gold medals and other prestigious accolades, bring their exceptional talent and charisma to the stage, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

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The Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is not solely focused on showcasing the athleticism of these gymnasts; it also aims to entertain and engage the audience. The production incorporates elements such as music, lighting, and creative choreography to enhance the overall experience. The performances are designed to captivate the audience and create a sense of awe and wonder.


1. When does the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions take place?
The tour typically takes place in the months following the Olympic Games, with dates and locations varying each year.

2. How long does the tour last?
The duration of the tour varies, but it usually runs for several weeks, with performances scheduled throughout the country.

3. How can I purchase tickets for the tour?
Tickets can be purchased through official ticketing websites, such as Ticketmaster, or directly from the venue hosting the event.

4. Are there age restrictions for attending the tour?
There are no specific age restrictions, but it’s advisable to check with the venue regarding their policies for young children.

5. Can I take photographs or record videos during the performances?
The use of cameras and recording devices is often restricted during the performances, so it’s best to check with the venue for their specific rules.

6. Are there any opportunities to meet the gymnasts?
Some tour stops may offer meet-and-greet opportunities with the gymnasts, but these are typically limited and may require separate tickets or special access.

7. Is the tour suitable for non-gymnastics fans?
Yes, the tour is designed to entertain and engage audiences of all backgrounds, even those who may not be familiar with gymnastics.

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8. Can I expect to see Olympic champions at the tour?
Yes, the tour often features Olympic champions and other elite gymnasts who have represented the United States on the international stage.

9. How long is each performance?
The duration of each performance can vary, but they generally last between two to three hours, including intermissions.

10. Are there any interactive elements during the tour?
Some tour stops may include interactive activities, such as audience participation segments or opportunities to try basic gymnastics skills.

11. Can I purchase merchandise at the tour?
Yes, there is usually a merchandise booth at each tour stop where fans can purchase official tour merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and autographed items.

12. Is the tour suitable for children?
Yes, the tour is family-friendly and suitable for children of all ages. It can be a great way to introduce young ones to the world of gymnastics and inspire their own athletic pursuits.

In conclusion, the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is an extraordinary event that brings together the country’s top gymnasts to deliver awe-inspiring performances. With its rich history, star-studded line-up, and commitment to entertaining and inspiring audiences, this tour continues to be a beloved spectacle for gymnastics enthusiasts and sports fans nationwide. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the grace, strength, and artistry of these incredible athletes as they take center stage and leave audiences amazed.